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AGM 2012

Date:   Monday 19th November 2012
Venue: The Greets Inn, Warnham
Time:   8.00pm


Committee members: Mike Coombs
(Chairman), Ann Lines (Secretary), Peter Ballard, Joanne Coombs, Nick Trout, Michael Heeley, Rosie Browning, Sue Whitty
Club members: Elaine Jowett, Roger Jowett,  Ken Pierce, Philip Nash, Jon Whitty, Margaret Bailey,

1. Apologies: Tim Shelton, Matt Lines, Tony Brinklow, Rob Leigh,Graham Horley, Annabel and Mark McCord

2. Minutes of the 2011 AGM were accepted as a true record of that meeting. Proposed by Joanne Coombs, Seconded by Sue Whitty.

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
Mike was able to report on the following matters arising from Minutes :
Floodlights - the sub committee findings and subsequent decision from committee was that installing floodlights on the courts would be impractical due to cost of installing electricity supply, cost of floodlights themselves and problems with planning due to light spillage. The possibility of joint membership with another club with floodlights is still being investigated. Slinfold is considered to be the most likely but despite sending emails to their secretary, Ann has had no response. It was decided that Ann should speak to Steve Noden who belongs to Slinfold. It was noted that among those at the meeting few thought they would make use of joint membership. Roger pointed out that there is a risk that seeing other facilities we could possibly loose members.
Bins and drink holders - these have been installed.

4. Chairman's report:  It included details of membership which stands at 91, an online booking system operated by the Club has been subscribed to and the meeting decided to extend the permitted booking period from 3 to 4 weeks. Mike outlined Club sessions and noted that although Sundays are not well attended, the new Men's first Saturday of the month and the Ladies Monday afternoon are both working well. The Tuesday and Friday veterans group continues to thrive and Sue reported that although they limit to a four so that no one has to sit out they can always muster players. There is to be a Mixed social tennis session over the Christmas period, Sue asked what the future of these once monthly events would be and the concencus of the meeting was that with the Mixed Tournament running over the winter, it would be best to have these as occasional events rather than a  regular monthly schedule. Sue was also able to confirm that Enric is happy to continue his role as coach and the committee will look at how to structure coaching in the new year. Roger was able to explain that the brown marks on the courts are caused by Iron pyrites and do not pose any problem and can be painted over. Rosie asked what preventative treatments are needed, the committee to research advice given by Colourworks. Mike thanked the Committee for their work and Ann for her role as Secretary. He also acknowledged  one Committee member, Claudia O'Connell who has emigrated to Australia.

5. Treasurer’s report:  In Tim's absence, Mike was able to report that the balance currently stands at £6,006.92  Jon Whitty was formally thanked for undertaking the audit. The report was accepted by the meeting. Proposed by Sue Whitty Seconded by Michael Heeley

6. . Election of the Executive Committee:  Mike was happy to remain in his role as Chair, Proposed by Roger Jowett, seconded by Phil Nash, Ann was happy to continue as Secretary, proposed by Roger Jowett, seconded by Joanne Coombs, Tim had agreed to remain in office as Tresurer, proposed by Roger Jowett, seconded by Peter Ballard. Ann asked if there was anyone interested in joining committee but there were no offers among those present.

7. Adoption of amended constitution : Ann reported that the LTA have asked all clubs to make some changes to their constitution in order that we support their disciplinary code. On behalf of the committee, she made these adjustments and submitted them to Tennis Sussex in May. After chasing a response, she heard from them in October to say that unfortunately the County Rules Committee  have not yet managed to look at any alterations as they have been helping Clubs who have not been able to complete their revised constitutions. A copy of the amendments was available for the meeting to examine. The adoption of the amendments has to be deferred until they have been formally 'passed' by County.

8. Presentation of Trophies:
Mike presented trophies from this years tournament as follows
Ladies Singles to Joanne Coombs
Ladies Doubles to Margaret Bailey and Joanne Coombs
Mens Singles to Rob Leigh but collected on his behalf by Ken Pierce
Mens Doubles to Ken Pierce and Rob Leigh( in his absence)
Mixed Doubles to Ann Lines and Ken Pierce
Juniors to Isabel Malzer but collected by Ann Lines in her absence.

There was a break for drinks and refreshments

9. Ideas and suggestions from the floor:
It  was suggested that the Club should organise a  parent and child tournament, it was decided that this was an excellent idea and would help to promote interest among Junior members. the Committee to look into this further.
Ann to investigate ideas for Club day tournaments from the new publication purchased recently by Committee.
It was suggested that perhaps the committee could investigate the idea of Club Socials such as quiz/meal as the Hog Roast had been a great success.
Philip suggested offering the courts to the local Primary schools in Warnham and BBH free for a limited time each week with the possibility of Enric also coaching. Committee to discuss further.
Joanne suggested preparing fliers for delivery to the new homes in  BBH when they are completed.
It was also suggested that committee should liaise with BBH Leisure Centre to find out what demand they have for Juniors playing tennis and whether we could publicise our courts/ coaching there. Joanne offered to speak to them.

10. A.O.B.
Leaf blower - Roger advised that it is not wise to sweep courts as this can lead to drainage problems. Ann has been using her own leaf blower to clear courts this autumn but cannot always get there to do this before each club session. It was suggested the Club purchases a blower but the problems of where to keep it, toppling up with fuel and maintenance all need to be looked into further by Committee.
Fees - Roger suggested a slight increase in fees - £1, this would make negligible difference to anyone but would go a considerable way towards the cost of the blower. Larger increases were discussed but decided against.

The meeting closed at 10.15

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